Firefly's "Malcolm Reynolds" in 1/6 by Quantum Mechanix Inc.

The Brown Coats Live On!

Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx) to produce a new line of realistic 1:6 scale figures for cult classic TV series Firefly, with the first figure to debut at Dallas Comic Con (May 16-18): the 12-inch-tall "Captain Malcolm Reynolds"!

"Features include interchangeable hands, screen-accurate brown coat, holster, and boots made of fabric, microsuede and simulated leather, functioning buckles and buttons, and Captain Mal’s must-have accessories: a PAL communicator and his trusty pistol. A special version of the figure available exclusively from will include the Lassiter laser pistol accessory with an extra hand to hold it with."

Pretty awesome likeness of actor Nathan Fillion, no? The Firefly Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Articulated Figure will retail for US$189.95 and is expected to arrive Q3 2014.

Check out for more images and info! (Source)

I'm a FIRFREFLY fan and a huge 1/6 addict = so this is utterly WIN/WIN! But a hundred and ninety bucks? *SADFACE* ... and I do not even dare to even begin thinking about / imagining the rest of the Firefly crew in 1/6 ...OMG I need to earn me some $$$ and STAT!!!!