Official Trailer #2 for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

The 2nd Full Trailer for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY debuted online after a Facebook Q&A - which saw director James Gunn, actors Chris Pratt ("Peter Quill / Star-Lord"), Dave Bautista ("Drax"), Karen Gillan ("Nebula"), Vin Diesel ("Groot"), and Kevin Feige - Marvel Studios President & Guardians of the Galaxy Producer - answer fans' questions on Facebook (Dave is quite the joker!).

The trailer itself saw new footage along with extensions of previously seen excitement. This time round we get to see more of "Ronan The Accuser" and the space station "Knowhere". And while we've previously 'heard' Rocket Raccoon speak, this time we also hear "Groot" speak! *NICE*

Here are some musty screengrabs, which I hope clearer official stills will be released for soon :)