"this is just the cavemen days of the Internet"

"For every one part compassion and common sense on the Internet there seems to be 99 parts vitriol and self-serving outrage. It gets a bit hard to take at times. I long for a world where we can all just chill out for a second, get out of each other's faces and business, not need to have an opinion on every little thing, and leave behind our addiction to blame. Perhaps we can ask ourselves one question before posting something - Are we making the world an uglier or a more beautiful place?

That said, on the positive side, we're actually physically killing each other around the world far less than ever before. Back in the cavemen days, nearly a majority of us died from violence from our fellow human beings. I suppose this is just the cavemen days of the Internet."
-Facebooked "Guardians of the Galaxy" director; James Gunn.