Early Short Films of Neill Blomkamp

YELLOW (done for Adidas):

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Aliens land in South Africa, in Alive in Joburg:

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An office hires a robot to be a temp, in Tempbot:

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Policing in South Africa, with Tetra Vaal:

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"i dunno about you folks, but to me; Neill's deft blend of real-life and the fantasy cybotic-realms melds into a sweet sense of (lulled) "reality" without the overt use of sci-fi grandous - making the unreal; understatedly "real" and at the same time, the excitement of story developments brewing in the undertones, and of scenes foreshadowed but not totally revealed - leaving one in anticipation, ushered in with his signature documentary-style presentation, always in the "middle" of a story, while conveying a measure of "history", IMHO ... and continues to entertain as such, altho it remains to be seen if this could be sustained for a prolonged duration, ie: a feature length project ... and i am looking forward to that opportunity, if ever it will be realized :)" (What I wrote & posted on TOYSREVIL circa July 2007)