Fan-Art for BIG HERO 6

BIG HERO 6 premieres and concept art has since flooded the internets, but instead, I'd love to take a look at "fan art" specifically focusing on BAYMAX (and Hiro and Mochi ;p), featuring loads of chibi, plenty of "feels", with some swell variations and homages/tributes thrown in for good measure! You can find more via and, but these are are favorites thus far;

Chibi Baymax, Hiro kiddo & Hairy baby by David Gilson AKA princekido

Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli by Jin Kim

Fanart of Baymax & Totoro by Keh Choon Wee (Inspired by Jin Kim).

HELLO BAYMAX by Roylemontea (on

Adorable Baymax vs Toothless by Kade (Panels above & below)

"I am Here With You Now" by Christy Tortland

BIG HIRO BAYMAX by Amos Villar AKA Mister15to1

Baymax Lightyear by Demetria Skye Logan AKA DeeeSkye

GUNDAM BAYMAX by "HE" (can anyone help me with the credits here?
I snagged this from FB but no credit was provided, thanks!)