Movie Review: Iron Sky (2012)

To quell the combined disappointments of both ABRAHAM LINCOLN and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, I dove into IRON SKY with aplomb - having had purchased this DVD at full shelf-price - understandably, my expectation to be entertained, remained high. And I was somewhat sated!

The film is an enjoyable romp of satire, and a decent homage to invasion flicks. It is at points decently funny and thoroughly cheesy - not with the conceit of the story - but with the plot, especially from mid-point in, when it embodied a twisted telemovie-like atmosphere, like something big studios would not touch, but for an independent smaller studio would indulge in. Which is not necessarily a "bad thing", but for the lack of "commerciality", IMHO. Iron Sky is essentially a retro-fitted independent comedy with sci-fi elements, 'nuff said.

Every other actor was a caricature and was played with a farce so obnoxious but for the conceit of the movie making it "right". From Adler to the parody of a President of the USA, to the downright racist-shoeboxing of the "James Washington" (a Denzel he is not trying to be lol) .. the only saving grace was actress Julia Dietze (whom somewhat reminded me of Piper Perabo), ernest in her portrayal of "Renate Richter", and leaving me somewhat charmed by her … to say the least … *cough*

My boiling man-blood self-situation aside, I love that the special effects anchored and made the film more palatable than without, and the movie "Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow" popped into my memory-space, for which I quickly flipped the flush down my memory-toilet, and let Iron Sky reign supreme instead. Kudos to the production designer - motorbikes cursing down the moon-roads notwithstanding LOL

Quote possibly the "Movie Of The Week", but do not expect it to change your world view of movies, nor grant you entertainment-salvation beyond the time spent watching it. Folks might take some notes on how they achieved making this film tho - the hype and marketing is worth paying attention to, IMHO.

[Review by Andy Heng]

(Poster via / Originally Reviewed on November 25, 2012 / Posted on the PopcornX-FB)