"Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens" Teaser … Launches This #BlackFriday!

Brace yourselves, folks, for the impending cyber-explosion that which is the 88-second long STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKEN Teaser Trailer that will make it's debut this Friday online and in selected theaters in North America! Posted above is a fan-made trailer, so chill-out :)

With a tweet, a new title name was christened for Star Wars Episode 7: "The Force Awakens"!

And while I remain ambivalous to the title itself, perhaps I will reserve judgment for when we see moving visuals (the "proof" is in the visuals and movie, not the title … "The Phantom Menace" wasn't so much of a menace" was it? LOL) … but I do expect "excellence", as all teaser images from director JJ Abrams, image and concept art leaks across the www - had led it be to expected occurance, IMHO.

In honor of the christening of #‎TheForceAwakens - #‎TOYSREVIL shall henceforth use the term #‎MayTheForceAwakenYou with news related to #‎StarWars on the blog! Heh.