"The Force Awakens" Lightsaber Meme Has Awoken

The above screengrab is of the NEW lightsaber (some call it "crossguard") seen in the recently launched Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens teaser trailer - love it or hate it, it still rocks an awesome red Sith crackle(s)! … and below are some examples of the "photoshop" meme which has since begun on the internets … or in this particular instance has been "awoken"? HAH!

(Above pics from @DustinMSandoval

(Above pic from Keh Choon Wee)

(Above pic from @daytonward)

(Above pic by frturner - see animated version here)

(Above pic from Jean Sinclair)

*Disclaimer: The credited folks does not necessarily mean the meme was created by them, but where I found the images from :)