"My World Is Fire And Blood" - Trailer for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

It's a wondrous thing; how my excitement for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was at the peak of pine-tingling anticipation when the teaser was unveiled circa San Diego Comic Con, but interest has since dipped tremendously immediately viewing this new 2 and a half minute trailer for the George Miller-directed feature film "reboot", featuring Tom Hardy in the role Mel Gibson made his own. Tough shoes to fill, I am sure. But of course, that is just my own personal "attention span" waning … other folks might feel differently, perhaps?

My take-away for this trailer: "Everything is dependent on oil", stated the newscast narration, and we see a whole lot of gasoline explosions from crashed vehicles, innit? But then again, Max did say: "My World Is Fire And Blood" …