Neill Blomkamp Does "Alien"?

The designs of Neill Blomkamp-films appeals to me greatly and should never cast any doubt on folks who enjoy his brand of sci-fi features (and yes, I am biased). Even though he might not physically have designed them all by himself, his choice and films reflects a pervasive design aesthetic which is presented on all his films, like District 9, Elysium and the upcoming Chappie (which Threezero is making a toy of, so I am excited!).

So imagine Neill Blomkamp doing "Alien".

Then let your hearts and dreams be crushed because it might all have not been in an "official capacity". Seen here are "Concept Art" released into the wwwild.

As for the reality of this project, we have a saying/slang expression here in Singapore: "Wait Long Long" LOL

Feel free to click thru to or to read more (sources), while I personally just wanna gawk at a film I would have loved to watch … and you know me, they would have made swell toys too :)

(Production Design for the first two films listed are by Philip Ivey, and Chappie is by Jules Cook BTW)