POPCORNX Blog-Mascot Auditions #1: "Popcorn" from Yum Yum

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I am contemplating bringing about with me a toy-mascot, for taking snaps of movie-viewings and stuff, with. I blog primarily about "toys" for living at TOYSREVIL, so tis is a fun thing for me, IMHO. So I'll be holding "blog-mascot auditions" for existing characters to be "used" as the unofficial mascot for POPCORNX! No that there are much to pick from in the first place tho, but hey, I shall remain hopeful! :)

First choice is quite literally, "Popcorn" from London-based Yum Yum (Blogged on TOYSREVIL). Hey, who wouldn't like a nekkid dude wearing a pair of 3D specs and a bag of popcorn as a hat? LOL

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