In celebration of Takeshi Kitano's 68th birthday (Born January 18th, 1947), this is my proposed totally fictional BEAT TAKASHI MINI FIGURE SET! … Hey! I would get this set in a heartbeat, if anyone ever made them hahahaha

Essentially from black hair to blonde, from yakuza to policeman, from blind swordsman to filmmaker, "Film Characters" of 'Beat' Takeshi as pre-painted non-articulated moulded PVC mini figures, gacha-sized and nicely boxed with front plastic window display - which might include the following;

- "Zatoichi" (so obvious it hurts lol). And from the varied color-treatment in the movie posters, it looked as if th e blind swordsman wore different colored tunics - which can be translated into different figurine representation :)

- "Kitano" from "Battle Royale", in his grey track suit, and perhaps including a "bag of cookies" accessory?

- "Otomo" from "Outrage"/"Outrage Beyond", with the old school gangsta in his white suit.

The intention was to have ONE Yakuza-based character in the set, but I could not resist adding the next film character:

- "Aniki Yamamoto" in "Brother", with puff-hair style and signature shades. Would be fun too if this figurine depicted him squatting down haha

Alternatively, he could be depicted in this all-black ensemble. Makes for more interesting aesthetics in this line-up, IMHO...


- But the reality is, "Sonatine" could well be the most iconic "yakuza-themed" character whose image of himself holding a gun and blowing his own brains out … hey, this is not a toy set for children, yeh? :p

-"Azuma" in "Violent Cop", for a young Takashi-representation :p

My personal preference is his with his vest :)

- "Takahashi" in "Johnny Mnemonic" - with double breasted jacket, for that "Hollywood-connection". (OPTIONAL)

- Chase Figure to be "Beat Takeshi" in "Glory to the Filmmaker!" - with dummy as accessory lol

Added in as a purely aesthetic stand-point … I tried to watch the movie last night actually, but lost interest really quick and early on :p

- Alternate Chase figure to be "Uehara" from "Boiling Point" - becoz the headwear is ridiculous :p