Coraline Box No.23/50 (2009) #throwbackthursday

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The Story So Far: "A grand total of 50 one-of-a-kind Coraline Boxes were given out to chosen / targeted bloggers around the world, as part of the promotional campaign for the 3D animated movie CORALINE directed by Henry Selick (released 2009), based on a Neil Gaiman novella, and animated by LAIKA. The boxes were found to contain actual props used in the making of the stop-motion animated feature film, and each box's contents, size and even the box themselves were different from each other. Each box also contained passwords / codes on the key-tag which had unlocked different featurettes about the movie on the Coraline website." (Blogged)

One of the proudest milestone in my 10-years of blogging, was being gifted with a Coraline Box in 2008 from Laika (it was actually to have been sent in earlier but I missed the email asking for my mailing address!!!). Mine was numbered 23/50 (More Images Here on TOYSREVIL) and it held pieces of the animated pieces used for the stop-motion film by Laika! Not long after writer Neil Gaiman came to Singapore (for a Writer's Festival) and I managed to queue up to have him sign it! (Please ignore the sweat-patches, fhanks :p) ... And I was always remember a friend asking me "How much I paid for it on EBay" ~ hahaha ~ all good, I am just happy for my forgotten moment of achievement and having a geekfanboy's dream come true hahaha

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