Scene One / Take Two: Re-Starting REELNATION

In 2005 (22.12.05 to be exact :p) I started a blog with the intention to specifically feature local/Singapore films and projects. I was knee-deep in the local media/film industry and as well it was a passion that burned heavy and bright in my heart of hearts!

News reportage was sparse (unlike these days where social media has provided a platform to promote) … but the local scene was picking up, and I remained hopeful … it was to be a casual blogging affair and I generally stopped actively blogging circa 2008, and it has since laid dormant (save for a couple of posts in 2013), until now, as I attempt to restart thy shenanigans, ironically AFTER I had left the media industry too LOL

And while I continue forth with my PopcornX movie-blog, REELNATION will still focus on the local/Singapore scene and cinema. In between news (which I cross my chubby fingers folks would submit as well), I'll be taking a delve back into the years of my tenure in the industry - the first post featuring archival scans of polaroids for the film "Perth" - for memories and archiving sakes, of course :)

Thank you for reading (and submitting)
Andy Heng.

Please provide the following details/information:

- Name of Project/Film
- Short Description/Plot/Synopsis
- Embeddable Video (URL Needed)
- Crew & Cast (Partial or Full)
- Supporting Images (in the form of poster, stills, behind-the-scenes pics etc)
- Any additional information, like release date/premiere date etc

- EMAIL ALL to toysreviler [at] gmail [dot] com with subject title: "REELNATION"