"The Vision vs Ultron" Theory in Avengers: Age of Ultron

I have a theory/suspicionpopped into my mind today, for which I'd love to share here o my movie-fanblog ... and by no means this is a #SPOILER as I know not the script nor plot of #AvengersAgeofUltron, and neither have I read it on other websites nor sources prior to this post (!) ... so this is all "hypothetical", cool? Well, I believe in it anyways hahaha

And so maybe we do not see The Vision as often in the team line-up, is because he might only join the team at the end of the movie (possibly) to aid in battling Thanos for "Infinity Wars" … but my theory is essentially this: The Vision IS Ultron! ... At least until at the END of the movie?

Ultron might not necessarily have "died" at the end of the movie, or maybe "technically" his consciousness/program/data had been reconfigured to come The Vision? Merged with JARVIS perhaps? So JARVIS is the one keeping Ultron in check?

It's plausible since Ultron is able to transfer/affect his cybernectic-consciousness to other robots (my assumption), like the Ultron Sentry(s) etc, so it stands to reason while his physical body might be crushed, his mind-data could be transferred, and ultimately re-configured? We see the first incarnation of Ultron in the battered body of an Iron Man armor/prototype, and then later in his glorious form ... so could The Avengers/Stark had "tricked" him into a "final" transfer, but this time INTO THE BODY OF THE VISION?

The irony is so thick, it is delicious, IMHO. And while he refuses to be "tied to strings", he now (re)serves his creator, "Tony Stark", but as a newly formed/informed A.I., The Vision!

The lineage is credible, as would the line of celluloid story-telling, with the distinct color of comicbook fiction, bringing in the pathos of irony, and as well provide "someone" in the team that other might/would constantly "suspect"?

And while folks might "fear" the Hulk for loosing control (seems he could be calmed by the Black Widow, so the danger is not necessarily as heightened) and hence the sense of "conflict" might be dissipated …

THE VISION could be made super-dense, diamond-hard and unmovable, although I doubt he could phase through solid items (a bit too much like X-Men's "Shadowcat", no?). Not too sure about laser-eye-beams … so technically he is the walking A.I. computer-hacker-being able to control other machines, ala Ultron!

And/Or maybe The Vision also could serve as a villain's underling once Thanos conquers and reconverts The Vision's mind with his (blue colored) "Mind Gem"? Wait … is that a yellow colored SOUL GEM on The Vision's forehead? Ok maybe I am over-reaching a bit here … LOL


P/S: It's okay, I write blogs for a living, not "movie scripts"... Heh.