Funko Does "Talladega Nights" & "Superbad" As Pop! Vinyls

Two movie licenses that I would have never expected to be made into toys: American comedies "Talladega Nights" and "Superbad"! (okay fine, more probably bobble-heads merch be had rather than "toys" per se, but ...) And now Funko prepares to unleash them as Pop! Vinyls … interested folks are to seek availability with their fav retailers. C'mon man, where's my "Blades of Glory" at? LOL

Pop! Movies: Talladega Nights: "Ever since he can remember, Ricky Bobby has wanted to go fast and our Talladega Nights Pop!'s are sure to follow suit! Ricky wouldn't be able to shake and bake his way to victory without his best friend, Cal Naughton Jr! Their racetrack nemesis, the French racer Jean Girard, is also part of the series. When it comes to these figures, it's just like Ricky Bobby's father once said: If you ain't first, you're last! Available in June!"
Pop! Movies: Superbad: "Superbad, the original Judd Apatow bromance film, is coming to Pop! The series includes best buds Evan and Seth, as well as McLovin, who sounds like he must be an Irish R&B singer and has the ID to prove it. People don't forget! Available in July!"