Jared Leto as "The Joker" in #SuicideSquad

I have been content with waiting by the cyber-side for any tangible imagery from the live action feature film adapting DC Comics' "Suicide Squad", and the film director David Ayers drop-tweeted an image of Jared Leto in full make-up as THE JOKER, on Joker's "birthday" too!

Source: Polygon

Quite the win, as far as I am concerned … am always game for differing incarnations of characters in different genres/films/projects - makes the fictional life we dwell in more varied and interesting, IMHO. And as much as I enjoyed the late-Heath Ledger's incarnation in Chris Nola's film - tis time to have another image of the by-now-iconic character, IMHO. Oh man, there's gonna be a hella cosplay to come LOL

Liked the "Damaged" tattoo although I am unconvinced about the "HaHaHas" … or maybe tis just a homage to Brian Bolland's illustration to "The Killing Joke"?