My 1st Impressions of Avengers: Age Of Ultron (#nonspoiler)

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If the first Avengers movie was a "fisted airpunch", then #AgeofUltron would be a "clenched fist of victory and a whispered #fckYEAH" (whispered like the characters do in the film, a Whedon-hallmark).

By-the-numbers action but glorious. Surprisingly more pathos than I expect it would be. The humor kept me at guilty guffaws. Some rumors might have been true, but it does not take away the wonder and surprise, and there were a few surprises … Joss Whedon did an exceptional job here, and his touch will be missed.

Don't miss this in the cinemas on the silver screen, it would feel so different on the google-box at home, plasma or otherwise :)

These are just some (non-spoiler) first impressions I've had with today's viewing … by the weekend I'll attempt a more in-depth spoileriffic post, so I can geekout alongside my peeps in Asia who had caught it :)

Avengers: Age Of Ultron premiered on Singapore screens on April 23rd, and will hit screens in the United States on May 1st.

**Take note that there is a post-credits scene after the primary credits have rolled a few minutes in .. I never did stay until the entire end-credits to see any tho :p