For years I have been "celebrating" STAR WARS DAY on the TOYSREVIL-blog in a variety of both online and offline ways, with dedicated blog-features and exclusive toy releases. Being the official Media (Blog) for Star Wars Day Bandung in 2013 also led to me being invited to and flown to Indonesia to cover Star Wars Day Jakarta in 2013. 2014 also saw a wealth of happenings being covered on my blog.

This year I am staying put in Singapore, and will continue bringing The Force back on the TOYSREVI-blog, and mayhap parallel them on Popcorn-X too! These are just some of the things to look forward to, and/or be a part of :)


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Home-made indie toys has become one of the staples in Art Toy Culture today, with pop culture bootlegs since becoming an important aspect of the scene - both embraced and incurring brickbats within the community itself too. Regardless of reactions, one cannot deny the force which it brings, and exposure to the artists themselves via media of the masses, IMHO.

For Star Wars Day this year, TOYSREVIL will be making available exclusive editions of indie bootleg toys for order/pre-order from May 4th, including a follower in the ways of the Sith with UME Toys' GeekWok (teased up top), and a 6-armed SPIDAHOOPER bootleg indie toy from Topz Greenfull ToyDsign of Thailand! But you don't have to wait for too long, as the festivities had already started, with the VADER-Z a Mazinger-Z x Darth Vader mashup from Thailand's CATMASK TOY) now purchasable HERE, launched right after Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim!

These will all be limited to only editions of 10 pieces each design, in tandem with Celebrating Ten Years of Bloggery on TOYSREVIL :)

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I will be shipping out the first batch of orders, which will include these Jawa + Wookie doodles-made-stickers I did for SWDJKT :)

Saving whatever's left of my stickers to go with purchases during Star Wars Day editions :) #hengdraw

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Call For Submissions: #DrawAJawa 2015 Online Edition BLOGGED #onTOYSREVIL: WHAT? There's no sign of Jawas anywhere in the trailers and teasers for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"??? This will not do! The lil'hooded guys need some representation here! Call for Submissions for a #DrawAJawa online edition mag for 2015 (via ISSUU) - but will I have enough art to fill the pages? It all depends on YOU, folks! Email in your artwork to "toysreviler [at]" by April 30th, for a (planned) May 4th online release. *Folks who had submitted for earlier Draw A Jawa submissions on TOYSREVIL blog are welcomed to resend! Higher-res pics please! Thanks! - Remember to include your name/nick and your personal URL / website. - Watermark your own drawings if you so please. - Copyright of image(s) remain with you. The issue published online is not for sale but free to view. - Submission means that you have given explicit permission for TOYSREVIL to publish image in the online issue, with no monetary compensation. - These are to be your own original artwork. - If drawing was done before this Call for Submissions, please state so and date of drawing as well, thanks. Best if they are not published anywhere else tho :p - I will have final decision on what images are to be included in this particular issue, thanks. Cheers and May The Sith Be With You … eeerrr… I meant, "May The 4th Be With You" … heh. Andy

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In 2012, I started an illustration project where folks submitted their depictions of "Jawas" with Draw A Jawa! With the spotlight consistently on Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and even Ewoks, I'd thought to dedicate a little time on the hooded scavengers! Since 2013 I'd also started Draw A Wookie.

This year I will focus on Jawas again, with the aim to publish an online zine, to launch on May 4th. I know I should be doing a #DrawAWookie (to piggyback on the Chewie seen in the latest trailer for "The Force Awakens", but I'll dedicate 2015 to Wookies hahaha

Submissions are welcomed, with deadline by the end of this month April (Details Here). Anyone can join in the fun!

Cheers, and may Te Force Be Wit You :)