VADER-Z by Catmask Toy To Drop April 21st #10x10

Thailand-based indie toy artist and resin slinger CATMASK TOY has concocted a cross-over mashup of epic proportions, with VADER Z! Japanese anime super robot Mazinger Z fuses with the Sith Lord of Star Wars to manifest into a hand-painted resin collectible standing 3.2 inches tall!

This item is decidedly more unique compared to your regular Catmask Toy releases, as it features a removable "Control Ship" on top of the non-articulated character's helmet! As well the figure comes with a removable "lightsaber" and fabric red cape!

Priced at US$50 per piece (excluding shipping+handling) - the series is limited to only 10 pieces for sale, with these figures made specifically for the year-long 10x10 event celebrating Ten Years of Bloggery on TOYSREVIL!

Each order comes with the figure, a special hand-made printed packaging box, and some extras from TOYSREVIL (Postcard & Stickers).

Public Sales will begin on April 21st, 2015 from 12noon (+8 GMT Singapore time) HERE in the TOYSREVIL online shop. Do note that as of this time, TOYSREVIL Mailing List folks have been given first dibs at the figures, with any unspoken for to be listed up on sale on April 21st.

**One Item Per Account Per Person. Thank you :)