Chewquilla: Custom Chewbacca by Scott Kinnebrew

Texas-based artist Scott Kinnebrew AKA The Forces of Dorkness shares with us "Chewquilla" - a custom commission featuring his take on everyone's favorite wookie! There might be a possibility of this being released as a limited run, so stay tuned to Instagram and Twitter @forceodorkness or via I LOVE hat this guy can't seem to even fit in the image frame LOL - Superb job, I insist, and would be fab as a limited run piece, IMO!
"Created using a Muttpop Tequilla figure, Chewie is 100% vegan (fur and leather) with a sculpted face, custom dyed fur, and handmade bowcaster.  His bandolier was handsewn by me as well, and actually works, so he can stash all his space goodies in, like bantha millk and wookie cookies." -shared Scott.