Fight Club ReAction Figures from Funko (Available in July)

David Fincher's FIGHT CLUB remains one of my favorite cinematic tour de force since it's release in 1999, and a modern classic it remains to a new age of cinephiles, I reckon. In the past we have seen collectibles of Tyler Durden made, sot noticeably bootleg production version by Brothers Production, customs by Lalla & Rainman and hand-made headsculpts, like Feng's, because seems Brad Pitt's character is the only one "makable" as a toy … Funko x Super7 is changing that, with the FIGHT CLUB ReAction figures!

FUNKO PRESS: "The first rule of Fight Club ReAction is that they’re completely awesome! The series includes the unhinged antagonist Tyler Durden and his lover, Marla Singer, as well as the incongruous Narrator. Tyler Durden even comes in a shirtless version in case you get any ideas! Coming in July!"