Gremlins ReAction by Funko (Available in June)

Funko announces the coming of their GREMLINS ReAction figure line coming in June, with each figure an average of SRP US$9.99 - relive the 1984 American horror comedy film with the cuteness of Mogwai! And there's a "Christmas" Version too? Don't expect THAT to last too long on the sales pegs, methinks! Only thing missing to complete the set is Phoebe Cates as "Kate Beringer" … but then again I am biased for my childhood crush … *blush*

(First seen at New York Toy Fair 2015)

FUNKO PRESS: "Gremlins are hands-down the most mischievous ReAction line yet! Our Billy Peltzer figure goes toe-to-toe with the likes of both Stripe and Gizmo, who come in a variety of packs featuring tons of accessories!

Gizmo is paired with Barney the family dog, a trumpet, and candy cane!
Christmas Gizmo comes wearing a Santa hat and a keyboard! Mogwai Stripe comes with a computer while Gremlin Stripe bears a chainsaw! Not to mention the gun-brandishing Bandit Gremlin and Cinema Gremlin with movie popcorn! Just don’t feed them after midnight! Coming in June!"