Ant-Man Artist Mix Figures by TOUMA x Hot Toys

Hot Toys announces their Ant-Man Artist Mix Figures featuring designs by TOUMA (who was responsible for their earlier Avengers Age of Ultron series 1 & 2), featuring a trio of characters with ANT-MAN, YELLOW JACKET and a third look which may or may not spoil the movie; a BLACK OUT Version of ANT-MAN!

The aforementioned Ant-Man (Black Out Version) is only available as part of the "Deluxe Set of 3" tho. Do check in with your fav retailers for availability and pricing.

Each Artist Mix Figure possesses a bobble-head function (See IG video demo here) and stands approximately 13cm tall. Do CLICK HERE to view more images and Hot Toys' press release for these figures that I dearly wish to own, like ALL of the Avengers! OMG