#POPCORNXReview: Kingsman: The Secret Service

My anticipation for KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was built up from the various promotional videos for the feature film, including trailers and "How To Be(s)", and not forgetting that swish "walk-in-spy-closet" poster (BLOGGED) - all of whom exuded clever visuals with intriguing allusions to a delicious time and experience to be had!

The notion that it too was a comicbook-adaptation ala "Kick Ass" indie comicbooks, was the extra-push in my desire to watch, and support it.

I had missed the cinema screenings and kicked myself for it, and managed to catch it not long ago via a online streaming in a spectacular visual quality, the result being a shadow of said promos and trailers, I'm afraid.
"By-the-numbers" with tinge of cleverness sprinkled throughout, with a wink and a cheeky stiff-upper-lip.

I had finished a bag of chips with watching this, and by the time the sexual anal-activity was implied in the end, it was a little too late a notion which I had felt the entire film sorely needed, IMHO - and by that I meant sexual cheekiness and not more anal (:p) ... I was more happy with the chips, frankly LOL

But hey, I might have been "disappointed" because of my heightened expectations, but that also does not mean I did not enjoy this flick, innit? Heh.