Teaser for #Mutafukaz Animated Film from STUDIO4℃

Wow. What a spectacular blast-from-the-past now seen in full teaser glory for animated film "Mutafukaz" made by Japanese animation studio STUDIO4℃! I last blogged about this concept on TOYSREVIL in 2007 for when Toy2R released Qees based on the comicbook created by RUN (who is also a part of the French design collective, SemperFi). This was the initial blogged concept:
"Mutafukaz is is an original concept, the universe is a mix between 60’s science fiction and contemporary ingredients like Hip hop influences & modern references, thereby creating a dark, fun, and paranoid universe."

Anime News Network has since reported the film is directed by Guillaume "Run" Renard himself, co-directed with Tekkonkinkreet animation director Shoujirou Nishimi, with Japan's Studio 4°C co-producing the project. "Shinji Kimura (Tekkonkinkreet, Steamboy) is serving as art director." This film is slated for 2017 premiere.

Meanwhile there are more screengrabs of the teaser HERE on FB.