Villains & Mutant Heroes Revealed for "X-Men: Apocalypse"

Stills of X-Men: Apocalypse revealed in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, showcasing/revealed Apocalypse himself ("Oscar Isaac"), with 3 of his Four Horsemen featured as well: STORM ("Alexandra Shipp"), PSYLOCKE ("Olivia Munn"), and MAGNETO ("Michael Fassbender") - all of whom looked like cosplayers with the garish colors! But then again, the movie IS themed in the 1980s … LOL

(Missing is "ANGEL" - the mutant with wings and power of flight).

Also seen in these images are "Mystique / Jennifer Lawrence", "Beast / Nicholas Hoult", "Quicksilver / Evan Peters", and non-bald "Professor X / James McAvoy" … but I only care about Psylocke at this point, so...

Also check out all images including HERE on #XMENonFILM - featuring the individual mutants revealed - featuring Storm, Jubilee, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Jean Grey!