#watched: MARVEL's ANT-MAN

Above: Thomas Walker / Doaly
Below: Ben Mcleod / Sharm Muruigah

I watched MARVEL's ANT-MAN on an online streaming site which showed a bad bootleg of a filmed-in-cinema complete-with-silhouetted-head-of-stranger and regretted doing so as soon as the opening pre-credit scenes rolled … but I could not stop my curiosity from completing the film, right up till before the first closing credits rolled, and now I have not even seen the two post-credits scenes.

Now i feel even more ripped-off and foolish, besides being assumed of myself, of course. Let this be a lesson, children, go watch your movies in the cinemas! Or legit online screenings!

Above: Matt Needle / Simon Delart
Below: Orlando Arocena / Rich Davies

Even with murky and tilted visuals, I had a blast of a time and a hella ride, with Paul Rudd being the straight-man, and Michael Douglas coming out tops (he was my absolute fav actor in the late 80s-90s too), so much so I wouldn't mind re-watching this in a darkened cinema again … if not for the two end-credit scenes (which I could still watch them when they get uploaded on youtube legitimately this time, of course). So until that happens, all I can say that this is a Recommended Watch (and no popcorn-rating as it not be "fair").

In lieu of stills and image from the feature film itself, I've chosen instead to feature a series of images for a Ant-Man tribute project from Poster Posse; !