#TRANIMATED Customs by Tony Tran: #TheForceAwakens' Captain Plasma & #SuicideSquad's #HarleyQuinn

Tony Tran (IG @claynexted) customizes a "Captain Phasma" (a chrome trooper who is an officer in the First Order for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens") from his own DIY Art Toy named TRANIMATED, and it looks awesome!

And while there's no word that this piece will be put on sale, you could contact Tony himself (at "claynextion@gmail.com" for availability details, or even straightup commission him for one!

Seen directly below is a work-in-progress of his next character custom: "Harley Quinn" from "Suicide Squad"! Looking forward to seeing how that looks when finished!

Meanwhile you can as well check out his other custom works on claynextion.bigcartel.com :)

TRANSANIMATED is a DIY art toy designed by Tony Tran, where folks can "draw, paint, sculpt over." Production of which lay in YOUR hands, as it is currently being listed right now on Kickstarter, seeking a Goal Pledge of US$2,500, with this project only being funded if at least $2,5K is pledged by Friday, September 25th.