"Live" Action "Crisis On Infinite Earths" … You Wish!

The 1985-86 seminal classic "Crisis On Infinite Earths" now depicted using "live" action characters from both Film and Television, with the result being utterly awesome. As much as "reality" is the new catch-word for "grim-n-gritty" in this current generation, I personally would be grateful if comicbook movies stayed true to their source - especially DC characters, because the FUN of their existence, is their colorful spandex, unlike MARVEL characters, IMHO.

Source: Facebook (Artist Unknown)

"Crisis on Infinite Earths is an American comic book crossover storyline published by DC Comics from 1985 to 1986, consisting of an eponymous 12-issue, limited series comic book and a number of tie-in books. It was produced by DC Comics to simplify its then-50-year-old continuity.[1] The series was written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Pérez (pencils and layouts),[2] Mike DeCarlo, Dick Giordano and Jerry Ordway (inking and embellishing). The series removed the multiverse concept from the fictional DC Universe, depicting the death of long-standing characters Supergirl and the Barry Allen incarnation of the Flash. Continuity in the DC Universe is divided into pre-Crisis and post-Crisis periods. The Flash was later reborn." (Wiki)