#throwbackthursday - VHS Movies

#throwbackthursday I struggled when VHS was taken over by LDs, back in the day ... Having earned $$$ to procure comicbooks, trading cards and movies, and then having the tech be obsolete ... Then when VCDs came to the fore, my tidy collection of LD movies laid by the wayside ... And when DVDs arrived, I'd already have amassed a tiny library of movies, in multiple languages too! But I have yet to convert to BluRay... There are just too many films to update and I literally cannot afford them all... So here I have a collection of films thru years, most of them could hardly be rewatched again ... Yes, I watch the films I collect, I collect them because I want to watch them... I still love films whatever career path I had chosen to take... And it is frustrating not to be able to watch them hahahaha ... This photo was taken quite a few years back, as a catalog of items I had wanted to sell off, and this image seen here is in turn a snap of said pic, now instagrammed. Somehow there is a parallel metaphor to be had, I'm just not clever enough to make the connection hahahaha #henglife #filmlife

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FYI: I have been (loosely) "archiving" my collection, and posting images on my PopcornX Facebook (I can never complain about "free" image hosting, fhanks), and here are some links to them:

**VCDs on Fcebook
**Laser Discs on Facebook - *Coming Soon*
**DVDs on Facebook (Rated R / Recommended for my film students)
**DVDs on Facebook (Rated PG / Recommended for my film students)