#‎throwbackthursday: "Young and Dangerous"

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"#‎younganddangerous 3 movie poster, in a thick card, double sided - one of the mementos in the late 90s I covet and even have a couple for sale ... I just have to find them in my hairs again first! Come 2016, I hope to be able to start up another online shop, selling my movie memorabilia amassed over the years ... Til to start sharing the joy and stop hoarding, I guess hahaha #‎throwbackthursday"
This is a double-sided, thick carded poster print of "Young And Dangerous 3", a Hong Kong gangster flick - which till now remained my favorite out of the entire series (which I believed to be 9 parts, excluding prequels and reboots). Starring Ekin "Noodle" Chen as the titular Chan Ho Nam, this was my first exposure to the Y&D series, after which I went backwards to find Parts 1 and 2, then continued the rest, always relishing the notion of HK triad flicks, but no, never did I want to be a triad member LOL

The story of HOW I managed to score these posters, is another story altogether, and will remain locked within my memories, and ONLY in my memories will they remain. A bittersweet memory of adventures and the wildness and foolishness of "youth" … :)