#watched: Hot Girls Wanted

WHAT-IS: "Hot Girls Wanted is a 2015 American documentary on young-adult pornography directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus. The film follows the lives of several 18- and 19-year old pornographic actresses. The film premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and was released on Netflix on May 29, 2015." (Wiki)

An insightful "look" indeed, and at times uncomfortable, WITHOUT the gratuitous images of bare breasts and lady-bits, so get that expectation out of your minds as you watch this.

Documentarian in direction, with veiled and censored looks at shoots, wrapped with seemingly honest interviews and vox-pops with the folks in the world of amateur-porn. The trailing of one of the porn actresses, and her family and boyfriend, is revealing, sadly so.

As "scary" is it might be for parents of teenage kids (of which I am not, so I assuming…) of WHAT your kids are doing, and WHERE they are at times, this is as well an eyeful + mindful "discovery" of what's happening in our world - online and offline - as we live in it, right here, right now.

"Production values"-wise, this is a straight-up documentary-styled aesthetics, utilizing a variety of cameras, featuring differing levels of visual quality.

This is not necessarily a MUST-WATCH, if "entertainment" is what you are looking for … abut if you do have an interest, or choose to watch pornography online, this documentary is encouraged. The decision is yours, and I will not judge you for your decision(s).


Posted below is an interview with Rashida Jones on her Porn Documentary 'Hot Girls Wanted', on VICE, that is a splendid accompaniment to the docu, IMHO.

""Parks and Recreation" star Rashida Jones has established a lovable reputation for herself through roles in hit comedies like "The Office" and "I Love You Man". Over the past few years, she's also ventured into writing and producing films, currently tackling projects like writing Toy Story 4. We had a chance to hang out with Rashida and talk about her shift behind the camera, and the documentary she recently produced on Miami's amateur porn industry, "Hot Girls Wanted." (Text)