"The Return of the Living Dead" Print by Timothy Pittides x Bottleneck Gallery

Timothy Pittides returns to Bottleneck with his brand new movie print, "The Return Of The Living Dead". The 18 x 24 inch screen print is numbered out of an edition of 75, is priced at US$35 each and is since listed as Sold Out. Nevertheless, here's a look at the print and what the artist has to say about the film.
“Return of the Living Dead ranked itself as my favorite film the first time I saw it back when it first debuted on HBO in the late 80’s. I was immediately engulfed in it’s dark humor and extremely unique zombie and production designs. A naked Linnea Quigley did not hurt either. There is so much I could say about the film. This is my Star Wars. So being that it is it’s 30th anniversary, I knew I had to give it a proper tribute. I had four concepts that I wanted to get across; Sexy, Punk, Zombie and Gritty. I also wanted something different as there is so many wonderful fan art posters that are out there. So I took those ideas and created something I hope all ROTLD fans can look at proudly and relate to.”