Group Image & Character Posters Released for GHOSTBUSTERS

New images for the Paul Feig-directed big screen reboot of the GHOSTBUSTERS frnachise, this time with a all-female crew of Ghostbusters, featuring (above left-to-right): "Abby Yates" (Melissa McCarthy), "Jillian Holtzmann" (Kate McKinnon), "Erin Gilbert" (Kristen Wiig), and "Patty Tolan" (Leslie Jones).

And while I'd loved the earlier movies, and pop culture classics they shall remain in our geek-loving hearts and DVD troves, I am looking forward to a revival/reboot - as I do most licensed properties from Hollywood - better than a "reharsh", no? Diversity provides folks with a chance for comparison, and to each his own, I guess ... meanwhile, check out the "intense"-looking attitude-fueled individual Character Posters;

(Source: IMDb