MARVEL's Captain America: Civil War by Hot Toys - 1/6, Cosbaby & Artist Mix Vinyls seen @ Toy Soul 2015

Hot Toys had revealed their array of 1/6th-scaled figures for MARVEL's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR feature film at Hong Kong's Toy Soul 2015 the weekend past (Dec 18-20) - featuring Captain America (in yet another new uniform), Bucky "The Winer Soldier" Barnes, The Falcon, Black Widow (maaaan what's with the batons? I miss her "widow stings" tho), Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch (in new fashionable duds), War Machine, and of course Iron Man Mark XLVI. Yes, it all sounds like an "Avengers" sequel - which may be why Thor and Hulk are out of the picture (of course that's not the official reason :p).

[ More images HERE #oTOYSREVL ]

Besides the massive 1/6 line-up, also on display were the COSBABY and ARTIST MIX figures! For the TOUMA designed vinyls, 3 figures were shown: Iron Man, Captain America and The Falcon. Would there be a second series, this time with Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch and maybe Black Panther? Other characters has seen previous releases under "The Avengers" banner .. or maybe we'll be seeing MORE characters revealed when the premiere date draws closer?

COSBABY line-up however, might reveal yet another "new character" seen in the line-up with Captain America, Iron Man, The Falcon, Ant-Man, War Machine, Black Panther, AND IS THAT "CROSSBONES"???? Not too sure I fancy the costume tho… Heh.

Source: Hot Toys / Toy Soul