#watched: American Hero

A random pick for a random watch, on a random evening. Couldn't prepare for it and sponged it up as it unfolded. Nice slice of Super-powered-life on the side of American-life thus far unseen in Hollywood movies. No gleaming skyscrapers here! A nice alternative point of Americana perspective, this.

Feeling VERY indie and "verite", with quite a bit of "indie-indulgence" moments with longing shots with unpurposeful silence of story, but that's alright … the result is quite a decent watch, perhaps for a rental?

Do not expect to be highly entertained with special effects pulsing out of it's ass like tons of current movies in this genre tho … maybe that's where the "charm" is … 2/5 Popcorns with a tall soda at the side.

P/S: I had wanted to evoke "Chronicle" as a comparison, but that fact is, I have ever watched it, so cannot conscientiously do so :p