#watched: Spectre

I tried to "like" it, because it seems politically incorrect to "not" to, but at the end I still thought SPECTRE was a turd. And by that I quantify this turd compared to the rest of the 007 films starring Daniel Craig.

There does not seem to have a semblance of life in this latest installment besides the loud bangs and big splashy displays. I can forgo the cliches (all 007 movies are cliches, but I loved them for this kitsch-appeal lol), but the story was as insipid as the photographs of past villains tapped on the walls of the soon-to-be-demolished building in the final act, and as reckless as when Bond was mucking about on a helicopter above scores of crowds.

Technically, of course, this was spot-on, but even SKYFALL had more an emotive soul/context, than this latest auctioneer made to make money. "Author Of Your Pain" In The Arse, more like … Cannot help but feel this was "phoned-in", actually … 1/2 Boxes of Popcorns, purely becoz Léa Seydoux.

I don't HATE this film, I was entertained, yes … but I just wished I could have liked it more. I hold a higher standard to 007 films, and I do not apologize for that.

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