#watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens (absolutely zero spoilers)

Will be feeling the Force in less than an hour's time, finally! #whoohoo #henglife

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I feel grateful and privileged to have been able to see 7 x Star Wars films on the silver screens, in my generation, and look forward to seeing more of this space saga and it's adventures for the characters, both old and new. Tis great to be a geek in this age!

Altho some key plot points have been spoilt online, I am thankful not everything was given away (which alas showed the lack of depth of knowledge of Star Wars from these perps in the first place hahaha) and enjoyed this movie for what it was/is, and not necessarily for what it "should" represent, to me or anyone otherwise, IMHO. Can't wait to geek out more about the film, but I guess I'll wait another week or two - heh.

Although I had not expected this, but by the film's end (if pushed to shove), the only toy i"ll consider to get from this film, is actually "BB-8"! "BEST" actor in the whole lot of them hahahaha … And maybe "REY", for a "toy" to buy, I mean … heh.

Now to find another time for another watch, only because I was sat 3 rows in front of the screen at the side LOL

May The Force Be With You All :)

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