What Are Your TOP TEN FILMS OF 2015?

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- Listed are Feature (length) Films you have watched in full in the year 2015.

- They could be watched in the cinema, watched on DVD/Blue-Ray, or watched online (legit or otherwise ~ *cough*).

- Films need not be necessarily be "released in 2015", but it has to be WATCHED IN 2015, and not "My All Time Fav", okay? :p

- NO Adult Orientated films or porno title please, thanks.

- List your favs from #10 to your ultimate bestest pick in #1 - and share with us "WHY" you listed/chose them.

- Email me your list at "toysreviler [at] gmail.com" - with subject title: "Top 10 Films of 2015" - thanks! :)

I will be spending the entire month of January 2016 featuring them, so email me before the month of January ends!

Cheers :)