DavidTheKiller's #TopTenFilmsOf2015

"WHAT-IS #TopTenFilmsOf2015: I'd asked folks to list their Top 10 Films of 2015, and this is what folks shared with us! I will be posting lists within the month of January 2016, so feel free to email me your list at "toysreviler [at] gmail.com" (Subject title: #TopTenFilmsOf2015) - Thanks!"

David Cornelius Tan instagrams his toys and sneaker collection on @davidthekiller, and tweets his impressios and ratings on movies he's watched on @davidthekiller …. realized I never did ask him WHY he's nice was "davidthekiller" tho … or have I? hhhmm… All captions below are by David!

#10. Furious 7
"It's not one of the best on the series, but still a good sequel especially a tribute to the late Paul Walker."

#9. Kingsman: The Secret service
"Matthew Vaughn. When this guy made a film, just watch. No need to see trailers at all. A spy film that combines everything that you want it. Love it."

#8. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
"Ethan Hunt still strong. The mission is still impossible but awesome. I am sold."

#7. Jurassic world
"The sequel that the fans want it. As fun as when we watch the first one, Jurassic Park."

#6. Chappie
"A great great film by Neill Blomkamp about a robot. 'Nuff said."

#5. Ant-man
"Let just say, after ant-man, it is my favourite avengers member. Did not expect Paul Rudd fit the character but he did. Funny and awesome."

#4. Sicario
"The tension. It is too good, i won't tell and just got to see it, from the director of Prisoners who won my number one list on fave film in year 2013."

#3. The Martian
"Ridley Scott. Drama. 144minutes. Boring? Never for a second. Beautiful and very recommended."

#2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
"A film that many fans are waiting for, the hype, the campaign, love all of it. Oh, love the film too, well done, JJ. The force is strong on this one."

#1. Mad Max: Fury Road
"Everything about this film is beautiful. Once in a while, you can fall in love with a film. And this year this is the one."