DC Films: Suicide Squad featurette on The CW

Premiering the new Suicide Squad trailer, a television special on The CW introduced folks to the DC Comic Cinematic Universe with a series of looks at their upcoming slate of superhero feature films, hosted by Kevin Smith and Geoff Johns. Featured are looks at Suicide Squad (where they used footage from the 2015 Comic-Con first look), "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (#PopcornX / #manofsteelmovie), first looks at concept art for Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash (#PopcornX / #manofsteelmovie), and premiered footage from the Wonder Woman standalone feature film (#PopcornX / #manofsteelmovie)! All of which cumulated with the reveal of concept art for the line-up of Justice League Part One (which excluded Green Lantern, which I somehow think his introduction might well be linked to "Part Two"?).