No.4 in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015: Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld

With a name as "Yakuza Apocalypse", images of cheesiness flood into my mindscape, and drowned my senses in dread, twitch-cringing at the side … and it is because of said cheesiness which lead me to click PLAY one fine evening, to experience a world of wonders before me! And I had a whale of a time!

Helmed by Miike Takashi (whom I had no prior knowledge directed this film), this film is yet another re-look at the delicious lore of "Vampires" (my personal fictional fave), zombie-apocalypse-but-with-vampires, martial-arts-nirvana (thanks Yayan "Mad Dog" Ruhian, and froggie fighter!), a frog in a mascot suit riding a bike and kicking everyone's ass, thealure of celluloid yakuzas (for me personally), and the general destruction of the world, with the main character sprouting vampire bat wings!

Don't worry about the #spoilers, they the set of your "worries" when you experience "Yakuza Apocalypse", and YOU NEED TO!