No.6 in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015: Chappie

I believe in Neill Blomkamp. His story-telling sensibilities appeal to me personally, and this film is here on the list largely due to that (not really "guilty by association", I insist :p). From his seminal classic "District 9", to the sorely underrated "Elysium", next comes "Chappie"-based on his "Tempbot" and "Tetra-Vaal" short films from before, this film about "an artificially intelligent law enforcement robot captured and taught by gangsters, who nickname it Chappie." (Wiki)

I had felt this film was more accessible than his previous ones, whose high-concepts might have been harder to digest (my blanket-assumption-based opinion, not on based on statistical fact), than this slightly more straight-forward piece, familial fellow robots-gone-bonkers-gain-awareness with Short Circuit's "Johnny-5", iRobots's "Sonny", or HAL from Space Odyssey, a not too distant cousin from Pixar's "Wall-E". The age-old "more human than a human" morality sci-fi tale retold and enjoyed.

The addition of Hugh Jackman was a touch to get the Hollywood gazers pumped up, while Sigorney Weaver served as a gateway to her upcoming role in Blomkapmps' ALIEN film (nah, I'm just being 'mean'…) … and if the general population are unfamiliar with DIE ANTWOORD, no harm done, as they fit into the circumstances seemingly seamlessly, regardless.

I've had a precursory recognition with the rap-rave group/duo from South Africa myself, and had enjoyed a selection of their music videos and even reported on their dong-toy on TOYSREVIL, but I enjoyed their antics for Chappie, but not needing to be awed by the fact that they acted in the film, so that worked out well, with Yolandi Visser being the obvious stand-out.

Funny how actor Sharlto Copley has become instantaneously recognizable in Blomkamp-helmed films. I might not have seen his face in Chappie, but I recognized the actor via his spoken words. Truth be told, after three films together, I cannot imagine a Blomkamp-film without Sharlto being in it - I am not sure how I feel about that tho…

And while I might have had "different impressions" in my earlier film review (whom I choose not to re-read again), CHAPPIE entertained first and foremost, and THIS show I feel now about Chappie now, and listed at No.6 on my Top Ten Films of 2015 it stays!

Leaving you folks with a slew of music videos from DIE ANTWOORD, and some related-toys released!


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