Pop! Movies: Independence Day (1996 Version) by Funko

Hey, I am as excited out the new upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence feature film as anybody does (up top!), and enjoyed the first movie two decades before in 1996 (who else had the carded alien toys here??? *hi-5s*), and while I have zero issues of Will Smith not returning, I am always down for some "toy-action" retreading memory lane, and Funko helps pushes us along for the ride! You KNOW I am down for the "alien", right? Heh.

FUNKO PRESS: "When an alien fleet launched an attack on Earth, the extraterrestrial beings had no idea what was in-store! U.S. Marine Corps pilot Steve Hiller and the industrious David Levinson won't go down without a fight! Make sure to capture the Alien and track down the chase variant, too! Coming in February! (Alien Pop! chase variant not pictured)"