Shared Universes

In everyone's race to create their own cinematic or television based universes, seems folks have been forgoing their "past" - granted, there no doubt is the issue of "licensing" and rights to be had by the original filmmakers - but constantly building up a universe from scratch is only giving folks a "flavour" of the month, rather than a taste of homegrown cooking throughout the years?

Why couldn't the crew from "The Losers" ave existed in the world of say, "Suicide Squad"? Or maybe the "Vertigo" imprint veers too far from the comicbook universes where spandexed super-powered humans and aliens populate the multiverse ... oops, make that "leather-clad super-powered" LOL

I am just a geek looking for some semblence of a "history" ("shared" or otherwise) amidst the blinding influx of geekery, I guess ... HEY! If Adam Sandler could do it ...? Heh.