"Max Helms: Curse of the Relic" - Stop-motion 1/6 film by Hutt Wigley

STORY: "San Francisco, 1938: When the corpses of gangsters start turning up walking and talking all over the city, Max Helms -Hard-boiled private eye - is on the case!"

"Max Helms: Curse of the Relic" is directed/animated/edited by Hutt Wigley (huttwigley2002 [at] yahoo.com), and is written by Greg Bray & Hutt Wigley (Scroll down for Commentary video). This was what Hutt had to say about making this 23+minuter stop-motion project with 1/6th-scaled G.I.Joe figures and settings;
"The entire movie is comprised of over 30,000 individual still photos compiled together using computer software. The entire film was recorded, shot and edited in the 14' x 20' room behind my garage.

After two years of only semi-successfully navigating the film festival circuit, we have decided to release our movie on YouTube for mass world consumtion…"

(More BTS pics on the event Facebook Page)

Featuring the voices of Kelli Stone, Jim Rooney, Matthew Evancic, Jamis Harms, Patrick J. Lopez, Carter David Wigley and Marshall Holt. Music by Eric DeWitt. You can check out more BTS videos on Hutt's YouTube Channel, along with other glorious stop-motion shorts with 1/6th-scaled figures!

Trailer #1: