Mezco Presents Beetlejuice 6inch Roto Figure

What can I say? You can say his name THREE TIMES, and still he'll not appear in your hands! (Believe me, I tried … ohgawds but have I tried… :p) … and looks like the only way I'll have this 6-inch tall "root figure" of BEETLEJUICE fro Mezco Toyz, is fork out US$23 for him ( Ships Sep - Oct 2016)! "Featuring 8 points of articulation, Beetlejuice comes packaged in a collector friendly window box suitable for display. NOTE: Box is not sandworm proof!"

I am liking the design adaptation, and a splendid interpretation of this cult fav character, methinks! #WANT … truly nice the direction Mezco is taking with this series (remember "Chucky"?).

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MEZCO PRESS: "Beetlejuice, "the ghost with the most" is back and ready to bring his unique blend of horrific hilarity to your home. First made famous in the self titled Tim Burton film Beetlejuice, the afterlife's leading bio- exorcist is dead set on showing you that "you're working with a professional here". From his ghoulish green hair, to his gross, yellowed teeth and dressed to kill in his iconic black and white suit, Mezco has captured every detail of this obnoxious apparition."
Also check out the not-as-stellar looking 8" Plush;