Alien Queen Molten Silver Gray from Secret Base x Super7 for Alien Day 2016!

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With our toy-loving brains still zingy to the touch of the toy-hawtness that which was the recently announced "Alien Queen Molten Magma" by Super7 for Alien Day, there is a NEW UPDATE! … now that the magma has cooled the actual figure is the more horrifying Alien Queen Molten Silver Gray!

The Queen comes packaged in an Aliens Japanese window box, and will be available in-store on Alien Day, April 26th and online at 7:00pm PST that evening.

As for the "Molten Magma" edition, I am sure it'll turn up somewhen as an event exclusive maybe? It's too awesome not to be, innit?

(Cheers for the headsup Kristoffer!)