Neill Blomkamp's #alienday Treat: "Newt" Character Concept Sketch

Alien day

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"Newt"'s all grown-up (looking a whole lot like Signorney Weaver's "Ripley" tho, doesn't she? Assumed identity, perhaps?), seen in this concept sketch posted on IG from directer Neill Blomkamp, with the words "Alien Day" in the captions. More likely for his "Untitled Alien Project", rather than Ridley Scott's "Alien: Covenant" (sequel to "Prometheus") - although Ridley is also credited as "producer" for Neil's project …
WHO-IS: "Rebecca Jorden, or known to most people as Newt; was a colonist living with her family on the Hadley’s Hope settlement on LV-426 and the sole survivor of the Xenomorph infestation on the colony. She was discovered hiding in a ventilation system by the USCMC team which was dispatched to Acheron.

Although Newt survived the events on Acheron, she was attacked by a stowaway facehugger while in cryosleep … Newt was later cremated with Corporal Hicks on Fiorina 161."